Spencer Watson

Alarm Clock

Development Project

Ever since I upgraded from an iPhone4 to an iPhone5s, I started using my old phone as a dedicated alarm clock. I was not able to find an alarm clock app that was quite what I wanted, so I built a web app for myself. I had a list of features that I wanted to include:

  • Play a random song when the alarm goes off
  • Provide a nice simple visual design for limited distraction while sleeping
  • Be reliable

So, I built a web app using AngularJs and jQuery. The app is able to save multiple alarms/timers with settings for what days to go off, and how long to snooze. I set up an ajax call to pull a random song out of my personal collection every time the alarm goes off. I included features to change the color of the clock, display what time the alarm will go off next, and display a snooze timer. I've been using this every morning to wake up, and so far I have only been late to work once.

You can see the project here. Remember, that this is built for an iPhone 4. So, it will probably look strange on a computer unless you resize your browser to be about 300-400 px wide.

This project uses: jQuery , CSS , Design , Illustrator , HTML , JavaScript , Mobile , iOS , and AngularJs

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