Spencer Watson

Portfolio Website (2016)

Development Project

For a couple of years now, I had a portfolio website that I had built as a custom WordPress theme. Well, all of my WordPress sites got infected with malware and blocked by Google, it was time to make an update. I deleted everything WordPress and started from scratch.

Unless you are a person from the somewhat distant future, this is it: my new portfolio website. There's a decent amount that went into this, so I'll describe it in two sections: the CMS and the site.


I decided to build my own CMS. I built out my Database and tables in mySQL using PhpMyAdmin, then constructed a RESTful API in PHP. My API supports my own self-rolled admin authentication process, as well as endpoints for managing posts, images, types, and tags. At some point, I may add comments, so if that has happened, feel free to leave a comment below!

I built the CMS UI using Ember-CLI and bootstrap. I didn't feel like going to any extremes on an admin interface in which I will be the only user, so I just used default bootstrap for styling. I built it all up in Ember, but I did want to experiment a bit, so I did so without using Ember's data store. Instead, I built my own process using models and services.

The Site

The site itself is completely home-grown (and organic!). I only used raw PHP and jQuery to build this out. I essentially created my own PHP framework with a simple routing process, controllers, and templates. This was the bigger learning point for me because I had not worked so heavily in backend PHP framework type stuff.

The UI is all custom css using Less as a preprocessor and grunt to build and minify all my CSS and JS. All of the assets on the site were made by me in Adobe Illustrator.

If you are more interested feel free to check out the project on GitHub.

This project uses: jQuery , PHP , EmberJs , CSS , Design , HTML , Illustrator , JavaScript , Mobile , SVG , grunt , GitHub , Less , Git , Ember CLI , mySQL , and PhpMyAdmin

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