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When I started working at BitTitan, I needed to get familiar with Ember CLI. So, I started a side project to try and teach myself the framework. I often browse Reddit.com on my computer while it is connected to my TV. The trouble is that the text is not readable, or the images aren't set to the correct size. So, to make TV-based reddit browsing easier, I wanted to make a reddit application that is tailored for the TV. The application currently allows for viewing the "Hot" and "Top" categories of reddit with the top parameter set to "week." It supports displaying videos, autoplaying youtube videos, images, and imgur galleries. The application is controlled using the keyboard. "A" moves to the previous post, "D" moves to the next post, "W" upvotes, "S" downvotes, and "Q" and "E" navigate through imgur galleries.

The application was built using Ember CLI using Less for CSS preprocessing. It connects to Reddit using their oauth authentication and RESTful API, and it connects to Imgur using their basic authorization and RESTful API.

This project is not currently live.

You may view this project on GitHub here.

This project uses: CSS , EmberJs , Design , HTML , JavaScript , GitHub , Git , and Ember CLI

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