Spencer Watson

Design Related Projects

Portfolio Website (2016)

For a couple of years now, I had a portfolio website that I had built as a custom WordPress theme. Well, all of my WordPress sites got infected with malware and blocked by Google, it was time to...

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KitePaint is modeled to be a SaaS platform built in AngularJs. The goal of the project was to create a place where kite manufacturers could allow their customers to create custom color...

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Med Reminder

I've not taken much medication in my life, but have recently been prescribed a medication that I am supposed to take once a day. I'm terrible at remembering to do that, so I made a web app to run...

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Alarm Clock v2

About 7 months after making my first alarm clock, I made a new one. I learned a lot from my first alarm clock, and I wanted to start over from scratch. I decided to make a new alarm clock because...

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Reddit Fullscreen

When I started working at BitTitan, I needed to get familiar with Ember CLI. So, I started a side project to try and teach myself the framework. I often browse Reddit.com on my computer while it...

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Alarm Clock

Ever since I upgraded from an iPhone4 to an iPhone5s, I started using my old phone as a dedicated alarm clock. I was not able to find an alarm clock app that was quite what I wanted, so I built a...

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Card Game Tracker

I have been playing some card games with my friends more lately. Some games, like Phase 10 or Uno require a piece of paper and pen to keep track of scores and things. So, we were using some apps...

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Hawk-pics.com is the portfolio website for Monika Hawkinson's photography business. The site was created to show the best features of her work, and to make it easy for the user to find the...

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The original site serves as a tool for kite fliers around the world to share their local kite fields. The mobile version of the site enables users to use this great tool from their mobile...

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