Spencer Watson

Illustrator Related Projects

Portfolio Website (2016)

For a couple of years now, I had a portfolio website that I had built as a custom WordPress theme. Well, all of my WordPress sites got infected with malware and blocked by Google, it was time to...

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KitePaint is modeled to be a SaaS platform built in AngularJs. The goal of the project was to create a place where kite manufacturers could allow their customers to create custom color...

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Med Reminder

I've not taken much medication in my life, but have recently been prescribed a medication that I am supposed to take once a day. I'm terrible at remembering to do that, so I made a web app to run...

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ClearContract is a SaaS platform built for managing, collaborating on, and signing contracts. I worked as the Lead Frontend Developer at ClearContract, at which time I built the entire frontend...

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Alarm Clock

Ever since I upgraded from an iPhone4 to an iPhone5s, I started using my old phone as a dedicated alarm clock. I was not able to find an alarm clock app that was quite what I wanted, so I built a...

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At SeniorHomes.com, I worked as the Frontend Developer for almost two years. In that time, I completely rewrote the entire frontend of the site.

The site is PHP based using PHP, HTML, Sass, and...

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B-Series Pro Colorizer

The B-Series Pro Colorizer was a project for Revolution Kites. The goal of the project was to replace an old Flash based colorizer with one built in HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. In the process of...

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Card Game Tracker

I have been playing some card games with my friends more lately. Some games, like Phase 10 or Uno require a piece of paper and pen to keep track of scores and things. So, we were using some apps...

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